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Posted by on Feb 20, 2020 in Memorials | 0 comments

We had to say goodbye to our “golden girl” Abigale💜. Abby was almost 15. Every new year was a celebration of her life because we kicked off Jan 1 with her birthday! Abby was always with us. We had countless trips, whether to the park or out exploring. She wanted to be a part of it all. I knew Abby as a senior but that pooch always kept up! She hiked with us through the desert, to mountain tops in the middle of the night, and swam in mountain lakes on the western slopes. There is a peace in my heart knowing she did not suffer. She was surrounded by love always. It was so hard losing both our girls to cancer this year but both are young again, and running free in the fields beneath the rainbow bridge. In life, it never seems like enough time with our animals but they help us as humans see what’s most important. It is definitely not the things but the moments. We feel lucky for all the moments and memories we will forever carry in our hearts. When Abbers went to heaven we packed up for a weekend camping trip. On our way out to the mountains, it stormed and the sky dramatically changed colors and the most brilliant double rainbow appeared over our heads. I was overwhelmed by the beauty and taken aback by the thought that it might be our two girls sending us a message from heaven. Til we meet again…be free…be happy…we love you so much

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