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Posted by on Jul 30, 2013 in | Comments Off on Bubba


It has only been a week since we had to say goodbye to our beloved 13ish year old Boston Terrier Bubba and less than 3 months since we first had Melissa come to the house when we had to say goodbye to our precious 14-1/2 year old Boston Lupe. Melissa came very highly recommended by Jerri Carroll (a wonderful animal communicator) and we now see why.

The pain is still too much to write a lot about it since it seems they were both always such a huge part of our lives and we can’t believe they are gone but we want everyone to know what a wonderful, sweet person she is and how this is the only way we would ever say goodbye to our precious fur babies. She explains everything ahead of time after assuring you that you have made the right decision after a brief exam which is very helpful later when you feel all the range of emotions when they are gone.

Both times we chose to have our babies outside in the grass on a favorite blanket under a tree with the other dogs nearby. Melissa sat and petted them both with us each time and let us have all the time we needed to say our goodbyes, hold them, cry and sob and we didn’t feel uncomfortable doing this in front of her at all.

She has pets of her own and had to say goodbye one of her own dogs the day before she came to help us say goodbye to Bubba last week. She said she not only had appointments already that she felt she couldn’t let those people down and then even made room to come out to see us when she was also hurting. As those of you know who have had to do this, when your furry friend is suffering, waiting another day is not something you want to have to do so we very much appreciate her making time for us both times. When Lupe started to have grand mal seizures, we called and she was booked but made time to come out that day, also.

As someone else mentioned, when you see her pull up in the car, it is like a punch in the gut as you know the time is finally here but she could not have made it happen any more peacefully as she explained each step and made sure we were ready at the end of her preparations to administer the medicine to free them from pain and then offering her sincere condolences before gently wrapping them to take them away.

We also got a beautiful sympathy card with heartfelt beautiful and personal messages each time as well as a card saying a donation had been made to the Morris Animal Foundation which is a nonprofit org. that helps animals. That was such a thoughtful thing to do that makes us feel a little better during such emotionally wrenching losses and we greatly appreciated her kindness and generosity.
If we could give her more than 5 stars, we would and highly recommend her to anyone who has to make this heart wrenching decision. I would never take another beloved pet to the vet’s office again when they can be in their home in their favorite spot and have someone so kind and gentle help transition them to their next adventure. Thank you again, Melissa and we hope you and your family are beginning the healing process, as well.

Rest in peace precious angels and we hope to meet again. In the meantime, we hope you are free from pain and running happily together like you did on this Oregon beach 7 years ago. What a great day that was.