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Posted by on Jan 11, 2019 in | Comments Off on Bruin

We had to say goodbye to our beloved Bruin this week, and making the decision was absolutely heartbreaking. He had been a best friend and family member for 16 years, and his loss would leave an enormous hole.

We contacted Dr. Vollaire, who was able to accommodate our schedule, despite just having had surgery herself. She was so compassionate and handled a brutally emotional situation with such grace, we just can’t say enough for what a caring and calming force she was. But the most important thing was how gentle and respectful she was with Bruin. We knew without a doubt that we made the right decision by contacting her to handle what was one of the most difficult moments a person can endure. We will absolutely recommend her to friends and family that find themselves having to make this difficult decision.

Thank you, Dr. Vollaire, for making an awful day just a little easier.